About the Combustion Propulsion Group

UConn Mechanical Engineering has an outstanding group of faculty, graduate students and postdocs focussing on research problems in combustion and propulsion.

Areas of research include:

  • Experimental studies of chemical kinetics
  • Advanced computational methods for reduction and efficient computational implementation of chemical kinetic mechanisms
  • Experimental and computational studies of laminar, turbulent, and sooting flames
  • Dynamics of and heat transfer in fires
  • Experimental and computational studies of novel aerospace propulsion concepts, supersonic combustion and detonations
  • Heat and mass transfer in gas turbine combustors
  • Development of novel concepts of low-pollution combustion systems
  • Advanced numerical modeling of propulsion and combustion systems, direct numerical simulations (DNS) and large eddy simulations LES) using high-performance computing
  • Advanced laser diagnostics of turbulent combustion processes